Friday, 27 October 2017

Game#7 and #8 Completed : Basketball and Football

After a short hiatus mostly down to an illness of one of our dogs, who sadly didn't get better, the last couple of games I've finally got round to finishing off.

They are very similar games and share a lot of code. Basically it is you vs everyone else and you either have to reach the touchdown line, or get a clear shot at the basket at straight on or 45 degrees.

Players take it in turn to attack, there is no defence control.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Last lap

Having not done a great deal over the last couple of days, I've had half an hour to devote to it this evening.

This has involved writing the 'throwing' code for Basketball, so the ball has to be thrown at 90 or 45 degrees to the basket and isn't blocked.

Apart from a couple of tweaks I'm considering, that just leaves the defender moving code to be written. First is fairly simple, the system allows three lives for each game and for Basketball/Football I'll put this up to more like 6 or 7. The second is whether to fail the player or not if they go off the top or bottom of the gaming area.

So far the code for the two sports games occupies just over 3 pages, which is fewer than I expected.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Game#7 and Game#8 in progress

As you can see, some progress has been made on the Basketball and Football games.  Here we see the Quarterback approaching the Defensive Line - it's modelled on the Mattel Game pretty much. Much of the basics is there, it flips from side to side depending on whose turn it is. I might change it so that there are more than 3 goes each this game perhaps.

You can't play this one yet.

There are three things left to do to complete ; firstly the collision between the player and the defence, at present you can just run through them. Secondly, the scoring attempt in basketball (you can already score a touchdown) and thirdly the player movement.

The topmost PCTR is at $67F which means six pages left. If I have the time, memory and inclination I'll change one thing from the game, viz. that the game speeds up as time goes on. This isn't difficult, I just haven't done it.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Game#6 : Superman completed

Superman, the last non sport game, is now completed.

It's not as obvious as most of the other games. The object is to catch the dragons that fly backwards and forwards (you will hear a beep when you catch them) and transfer them to the dungeons (a white noise). You have to fill the dungeons to win in the fastest time (the clock counts down). However, the dragons periodically escape the dungeons and so you have to keep them in and chase them.

It's more infuriating than you think ;-)

The ROM is about 2/3 full, which leaves 9 64 byte pages to do the remaining 2 games (the others are mostly 2 or 3 pages), which will probably be a modified single game, having spent time looking at Mattel Football and Basketball there is a lot of commonality - the difference is that in Football you have to get to the goal area and in Basketball you have to get a clear shot at the basket.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Javascript Cosmos now has Sound Effects

Only beeps and white noise, but they are there :)

I used a tool JFXR which was a java port of BFXR (requires Flash ....) I might redo it, the beeps are sine ones so sound far too nice and not 8 bitty enough - or 4 bitty enough for that matter.

Quick Fix

Noticed Asteroids and Space Invaders had both stopped working. I'd moved the common new turn code into page 3, but forgot it had a JSRP in it ; this made it into a JMP which meant code after that wasn't being run, hence the turn wasn't being initialised.

Also done the holograms for Superman, Game#6, and spent some time viewing youtube videos of Mattel Football and BasketBall which seem quite similarish in many ways ; you either dodge the bad guys to make a touchdown or to get a shot at a basket. I think the games are sort of going to be alternate attacks, rather than the whole counting the yardage thing that they do in the US.

Game#5 : Destroyer completed

 So, you can now play Destroyer on the Cosmos a-like. The idea of this game is that the two ships fire at each other. You can take 4 hits before sinking, and there are as many ships as you want to sink on the other side.

Quiz of the week: The pictures show the two holograms (this is another "Game Over" hologram). Guess which one I drew and which one I found as a bit of artwork and borrowed :)